Thursday, October 16, 2014

The New Dark Green Bag.

So it's already time for another plastic bag, but there's a little story behind that. As you may know, we brought in a bright yellow bag for summer. It was a bit difficult to make out exactly who the store was, but on the other hand, how many times do you see a yellow and white bag? My idea behind this was that we'd been around long enough (2021 days as of October 23, but who's counting?) that we could get away with this low-contrast bag, and it was sort of a play on all the low-contrast signage that I see being created by twenty somethings.

Now of course I had some friends critiquing the store recently and I was just waiting for someone to say, "You've got a problem with your bag. It's unreadable" and just to counter that, I already had our next bag ready to show. I figured that as we went into the holiday season and started helping folks who might only shop in a bookstore for Christmas, they might not get the joke.

We also hastened the release of our dark green bag, at right, because our normal bag vendor's vendor outsourced to a supplier who gave us bags that were the same thickness, but were clearly from a different composition, and could clearly not handle our customer's demands for many heavy books. The new green bags are more durable, and while many of our customer don't take a bag, the ones that do will clearly be able to reuse these again and again. Come March, when you're really in the mood for a little spring brightness, the yellow bags will make a reappearance, daffodil-like.

For those who prefer paper, we have our small and medium bags, plus we've also brought out our handled seasonal bag from Aaron Boyd. And of course we also sell our reusable cloth tote.

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