Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Gift Post--Halley and Stacie Talk About Same-Sex Wedding Cards.

I'm a little under the weather so Halley and Stacie, always up for a good conversation, thought that it would be timely to talk about wedding cards, specifically, cards that either target same-sex couples or would be appropriate for them. Many of these cards work just as well for male-female couples, and some are not even specifically for weddings. But enough from me.

H: First say something about it being Pride Week.

S: Is it Pride Week, or just Pridefest weekend?

H: It's Pridefest weekend, but I think it’s officially Pride month.

S: Okay. So, which cards do we start with?

H: I think we should start with the new ones because they’re the best ones.

S: I absolutely LOVE these ones. Mel pointed out the bears getting married and I swooned. (Daniel's note: they are from The Found.)

H: I think they’re cute because they’re, how do I say this, classier than some of the others. They’re really well-made but still adorable. And by picking these animals, you’re really not pigeonholing it.

S: You mean, like, even though the bears are in suits and the foxes are ladies with veils, you could give the two bears to two ladies getting married who are going to wear suits/tuxes, not just for those guys who identify as “bears,” or two males who appreciate lace could receive the svelte foxes.

Paul : Wait! You overlook the fact that they could be a girl and a dude, one who’s a bear dude and one who’s a bear girl but likes to wear suits. And, I have a necklace like that .

H: See, not pigeonholing. These rubber duckies are the ones we’ve had for awhile, and they’re awfully cute—

S: —like matching wedding cake toppers! Who wouldn’t want rubber duckies on their wedding cake?

H: Look, they’re 50% off. Guess they haven’t been selling well…

S: Hmmm….

H: So, now we’re going for the ones that are a little more liberal —

S: —you mean “liberal” in that they aren’t explicitly for same sex couples, but—

H: —could be interpreted for that, yes! This one is Charley Harper, who was an artist in the, hmmmm, 70’s? I think he’s dead.

S: I really love how his stuff is all modern-y but with a good dose of whimsy and color, too. Yep. He’s dead. 2007. Also, I once got to pet an orca. Right after it spat on me. It was a gimmicky thing at Marine World USA in Cali.

H: Too bad these are humpback whales.

H: This one I thought was…I love Fugu Fugu Press because they’re all letterpress…and this one has two rabbits on top of a very tasty looking wedding cake.


H: The bunnies can be male, female, or one of each.

S: Or they could be robots.

H: With lasers coming out of their eyes!

S: I don’t think that would be acceptable for a wedding. The lasers, I mean. Not the bunnies.

H: Bunnies are always acceptable at weddings.
Let’s move on to giraffes! I can be excited about these animals, too.

S: I once fed a giraffe, also at Marine World!

H: Too bad these weren’t zebras. These cards are cool because they help out children in Rwanda. And they’re fair trade!

S: It is incredibly endearing that they are arcing their necks and making a heart.

H: Then, there are these two: you can’t tell what they are, because they are monsters! That’s from Ghost Academy, they do block printing, which is pretty cool. (Daniel's note: I would contend that this works as an anniversary card but not so much for weddings, as it's from one partner to another, which I don't thinik you do at weddings, right?)

S: I once made block prints using a potato—

H: —I thought you were going to say you once pet a monster at Marine World.

S: Nope. I probably wouldn’t still be here if that happened.

H: Enough about you, Stacie. This is about other people and their everlasting love for one another. Here’s our last one. They’re two male bees, because the Queen bee is in the hive.

S: The “queen” bee?

H: Well, there may be female bee workers, but I’m not an entomologist, so we’re going to say they’re males. It’s so pretty, isn’t it?

S: It’s a little flat, but has so much color popping out of it. And it’s like they’re flying off into the sunset together!

H: Awww, yeah. That’s sweet. Give it to your “honey” bee.

S: Now you’re just being weird.

H: What? I think all our lovey-dovey cards feature animals instead of people.

S: Really? Hmmm… You know what? I think you’re right! That could be a good post for another day…

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