Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Short Post--Three New Displays (Maybe Four).

1. Following up on yesterday's post about Nathan Rabin's You Don't Know me But You Don't Like Me, Mel asked me what I was doing with all the mushroom stuff I'd bought. "Mushrooms are hot," I replied. "I'm just looking for a good opportunity to put them out." Mel noted that what better opportunity did I have then a book that follows Phish. Duh. Just to keep things real, we happened to have a few clown toys as well that were somehow not integrated into Stacie's Dean Jensen circus for Queen of the Air.

2. Speaking of hot, Mel noted that today is the opening day of Man of Steel, the new Superman movie. She'd been eyeing our Superman wallets for several weeks now, itching for the chance to make a nice Superman display. We actually have a decent amount of Superman books as well. Voila--display #2.

3. Another timely display promotes the Downer Classic, which this year is Saturday, June 29. We've got a nice event to promote (I always seem to schedule a bicycle event in July or August), which this year is Bicycle!: A Repair and Maintenance Manifesto. Tracy is coming on Saturday, July 6, 2 pm. We've also got our new bicycle mugs. More about the mugs tomorrow on the Saturday gift post.

4. And finally it wouldn't be Polish fest without the return of our beloved wooden Polish boxes. We just got a great order in. They are spread over our various tables--Father's Day, gardening, graduation, and even baseball.

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