Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Short Post--A New Small Boswell Bag, Now in Red.

I don't know why these new bag colors get me so excited, but for some reason, I just love picking a new color each time we reprint a bag. This time we're using a classic red, though the kraft paper does give it a slight orange tint.


We've been busy all week, but today was the first day we opened our third register. Last Christmas we couldn't get to three registers because one of our cash drawers broke (or at least I think that was the case). The only problem with that was that between an offsite event with Scott Hutchins at UWM (for A Working Theory of Love, signed copies available) and two booksellers going home sick, we didn't always have three booksellers available to work the register.


Jeff and Thor came in to fix bookcases this afternoon. We have a problem with the cases bowing such that the shelves don't get enough support and fall down. The solution is to permanently attach one of the middle shelves. In the case of our "home" section, we had to move that permanently affixed shelf as we decided to cut the number of shelves from six to five. Books in this section (crafts, decorating, weddings) tend to be tall and way too many were being damaged by not fitting in the section correctly. This should address the problem.


And finally, Amie and I both agreed that the gingerbread cupcake at Milwaukee Cupcake Company is a darn good cupcake. It is my favorite of their Christmas-y flavors, at least so far.

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