Thursday, October 25, 2012

The New Version of Our KPolly Tee, and It's Not From Boswell.

Some time ago, I visited a bookseller conference where I wore my Boswell tee with Kristopher Pollard AKA KPolly's "The Book was Better" design. My fellow bookseller Cindy from Changing Hands (that bookstore in Tempe, Arizona, where I've been known to hang out on visits to my sister) and afterwards, she asked me if Changing Hands could use the design.

Since booksellers are used to competitors appropriate our ideas (who doesn't know of an indie hand-selling gem that later went on to explosive sales in other channels?), Cindy took on the project with our blessing. It was my thought that she and KPolly should work together directly on the project.

After chatting with Cindy about what worked and what didn't, Changing Hands asked KPolly to switch out the literary character who was a bit hard to pick out, and also was probably the most adult in content. I also told her that the sand color we used got several complaints from customers that it washed out a lot of users. They wound up switching it out for our old friend heather maroon, the Boswell basic color for spring 2011.

And then of course we exchanged shirts. In exchange for "The Book was Better II", I bought Cindy a "Read Like a Monster" tee.  And being that the changes were successful (Changing Hands has reprinted several times) we're talking about using KPolly's new design on our next reprint of "The Book was Better."

You can order your "The Book was Better II" tee from Changing Hands. And you can buy KPolly designs, including commissioning your own work, on Etsy. We still have some sizes available in our version of "The Book was Better" tee. Email us for more information.

(Note: this is one of my half-finished posts that I finally finished.)

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