Friday, October 12, 2012

New Colors for the Basic Boswell Tee: Maroon for the Straight Lined, Purple for the Hourglass, and Navy for Everyone.

Are we turning into a tee shirt store? That's sometimes how it feels, like the butt of a joke on the cover of The New Yorker. But no sooner than I've received our Read Like a Monster tees and the reorder of our You Are What You Read fishy tees and made my way through Stacie and Mel's suggestions for what new designs we should stock from Out of Print (we wound up going with For Whom the Bell Tolls and Alice in Wonderland for adults, and Stuart Little for kids) than I turn around and we have zero basic Boswell tee shirts left in unisex size XL and XXL. And at least one of the fitted sizes (they are alternately called women's, ladies' and girly in the industry), we were also pretty much down to a couple of shirts.

It's not that I order as many of the largest sizes as I do of the smaller ones. But I just note there's a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for our tees, and some folks just want the classic design. So this gave me the opportunity to look at some new colors.

My first instinct was to go with navy, which Mel told me is her favorite color. But I remembered that our order break allows for multiple colors in the same order. I remembered how bad I felt last year when the maroon unisex tee I ordered came in maroon heather. Now it turned out this was not a bad call, as we only have one left, but I'm more of a classic cotton kind of guy, and actually skipped buying a shirt from that shipment.

For the fitted/women's sizes, I chose purple as the second color, and was sad that this shade didn't come in unisex. Boy, I'm tempted, but I just don't see a fitted tee shirt working on me. I've been told that sell some to twenty-somethings. Oh, to be able to pull that off. Going in the other direction, we're continuing to expand our size choices. The navy shirt is also available in 3XL.

OK, here's the strangest thing. I can't really do the colors justice in with my camera. In one light, the purple looked blue. In the other, the maroon appeared orange. You'll just have to come and see for yourself.

The Read Like a Monster tees are selling quite well, by the way. We've gotten through about a third of our initial order, and we're looking at going back for more for the holidays, particularly because if we wait too long, we'll just be overwhelmed. And don't forget, we are carrying kids' sizes on this design. Our handsome model was runnning around the floor of Heartland Fall Forum like a human billboard.

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