Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wood is the New Paper, Apparently

Several months ago, I said that I'd brought in Spitfire Girl postcards, and that if I sold them enough to reorder (having seen them on a markdown table at another bookstore right after I placed my order), I'd bring in the bookmarks.

Well, several months later, done and done. We have a nice mixture of pretty and odd. The early favorite seems to be the teeth.

I spotted another vendor at the gift show, Night Owl, that I hadn't seen around much, and we decided to bring in their letterpress cards as well. I was just telling our friend Angie as she bought the cherry card that this was my favorite. We brought in several of their cards with decorative wooden buttons. But the real wood star goes to the journals. We brought in the panda journal, with fir covers, the pup journal made of walnut, and the foxy fungi journal, sheathed in birch. All three have been deemed "cute" by my panel of gift experts.
They are for the creative sorts, being lineless. Each runs $18.

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