Sunday, August 29, 2010

We (Pretty Much) Love (Like a Lot) Girl of All Work (Get it? They're Office Supplies)

One of the gift lines I've been eyeing over the last year was a company called Girl of All Work. I don't know why I was so skittish. I guess I wasn't quite sure what our store's esthetic would be, then I second guessed myself, then I thought, oh this is a fall thing.

In any case, this summer I brought back the catalog, committed to bringing in the line, and my I-don't-know-what-you-call-them-but-the-folks-who-like-looking-at-the-gift-stuff team was very enthusiastic.

Yes, it's more of girl thing (hey, that's their name), but it works surprisingly well across a broad range of ages. It's commercial stuff that nonetheless picks up on the Esty crafting vibe.

I can imagine the conversation at their offices:
Let's make page flags, but pretty!
Let's make thumb takes, but pretty!
Let's make magnetic bookmarks, but pretty!

Done, done and done. We also brought in some journals and holiday cards.

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