Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thanks, Lake Effect!

WUWM has been hosting a series of indie bookstores with their book picks. My first thought was to talk about the latest and greatest fiction, as usual. Then I realized I only seem to be reading our event books...and many of the events had already happened. Yesterday's news!

Then I realized that I did have a theme going. Yes, my jumping off point was foie gras, because of our Thursday, July 23rd event with Mark Caro (7 PM). But after The Foie Gras Wars, I jumped to Chinese Food (Andrew Coe's Chop Suey) and orange juice (Alissa Hamilton's Squeezed).

The latter used as source materials, documentations of the government labeling hearings, documents that were later destroyed in a fire. After finishing it, let's just say Tropicana isn't close to fresh squeezed, despite most people thinking so... Also, Downer Theater (or is it Theatre, my apologies for being too lazy to check) is showing "Food Inc.", a documentary that Jason has been salivating over.

Here's the link.

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