Friday, July 24, 2009

Sarah's Last Day, In-Store Book Club Disarray (Substitute Needed)

Today is Sarah's last day. If you haven't tried the Boswellians of late, you might have missed her post on finding a bookstore near her new home base. Hope the move goes well!


An update on our In-Store Fiction Book Club, which will someday have a snappier name.

We were going to read Man Gone Down on August 3rd, 7 PM. However, since it won the Impac Award and got the big New York Times piece, it was out of stock for the next few weeks. So I'm substituting Netherland, at attendee Carolyn's suggestion, and we'll reschedule Man Gone Down for August 31st (as September 7th is Labor Day and we'll be closed at night).

Looking ahead, we're scheduled for David Rhodes and Driftless on October 5th. Rhodes will be appearing at Boswell on Sunday, October 11th, at 2 PM.

So that is:
Monday August 3rd, 7 PM
Netherland, by Joseph O'Neill

Monday, August 31st, 7 PM
Man Gone Down, by Michael Thomas

Monday, October 5th, 7 PM
Driftless, by David Rhodes

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