Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tonight! UWM and Marquette Undergrads Face Off

So I was in a meeting about the Milwaukee Book Festival . C.J. Hribal was there from Marquette and Liam Callanan from UWM was teleconferencing. I started not paying attention to the details (we either had a concentrated spring festival or we didn't, I still don't know.) and thought, UWM and Marquette have so many student readings (I've been to a few at each school) but it might be more interesting if several schools were involved.

I also was looking for an event that would indicate that I'm serious about new writers and storytelling. Local folks tend to bring their friends, so I wouldn't have an event where nobody showed up. Plus it might be interesting for the students to read in front of people who didn't know them, and I might hear some really great writing.

So both Misters Callanan and Hribal were amenable and they sent in two of their best students to read tonight. If I knew what I was doing, or if I wasn't constantly scrambling, I'd now give you bios on all four participants and told you a bit about what they were writing. I might have contacted more schools in the area with writing programs. But I didn't so you'll be as surprised as me when the writers read tonight (Thursday, May 7th, at 7 PM).

Representing UWM are Alex Rewey and Louise Mortimer. They are both wearing jaunty caps. Marquette has fielded Austin Gilmore and Claire Cesarz. Their photos are grainy because I took them during a writing class.

I found the class really interesting. A fellow named Ray was reading a story that the class had already heard, about two roommates whose surfacey seeming relationship masked a deeper bond of friendship, revealed when the narrator revealed more problems with a past relationship that he had previously. So they weren't commenting on the story, so much as how it had changed. This led to Hribal drawing a very dramatic picture of an iceberg on the chalkboard.

So who knows? You might look back on this night and say you heard one of these students read back when they were just getting started. Or you might kick yourself for not having heard them.

And if enough of you show up, next time I'm actually going to talk to them beforehand.

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kdogg said...

Thanks, Daniel, for using the word "jaunty". My friends ridicule me whenever I use the word. Hey! It's in the dictionary! But if I told them that you use it, they might ridicule you, too.