Monday, April 20, 2009

Our First Shoplifted Title, A Follow Up

Dr. Ian K. Smith called to ask me about the shoplifting incident that happened over the weekend involving his book The Four Day Diet. He offered to get the thief in question a copy of the book.

"No need," I replied (and this is paraphrased), "She still has the copy she stole."

"Oh, so you didn't catch her," which is effectively what the very kind Dr. Smith said in reply.

And I know this is setting me up to be the biggest mark in Milwaukee with this statement but the thought that immediately came to mind in response was, "Me? Catch somebody? Are you kidding?" Fortunately I did hire Amie, who is very good at catching people. Shoplifters beware! (Note to shoplifters: she's off on Fridays).

Also note that I have made it clearer in the posting that the woman took the book but left behind the dust jacket. Shown right is the couch in question.

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