Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Am I Really Going to Give the Turnout for Every Event? Let's Stop Now Before One is Particularly Embarrassing.

1. We had 17 people last night for women's history icon Gerta Lerner. Not that we didn't have small events at Schwartz, but Schwartz did have more people for Lerner last time. I worried about having an event before May, as I didn't think we'd time to promote it properly. Guess what? I worry about the May events too. If you missed her, she's appearing again today at 3:30 PM at the UWM Bookstore at the student union on Kenwood Boulevard, just east of Maryland Avenue.

1a. That said, our first two events for Joshua Beckman and Roya Hakakian had 25-30 people apiece, certainly at our expectations. I credit the local involvement and thank the connected parties.

1b. Poetry Everywhere reception from 5-7 tonight, before the screening at the Downer Theater of new animated shorts. There are snacks, it's a shopping night too--designate your sales and we'll give 10% of the proceeds to Liam Callanan's project. After the screening, there's a reception at Cafe Hollander, and unlike us, they can serve alcohol. (Note: by reception, I am talking a cheese tray and some fruit.)

2. Thanks to several customers who suggested we put the phone number and address of the bookstore on the header of the Boswell and Books blog. It's great news, because that's the way these folks got information about the event. Done!

3. That said, our website has obviously been delayed while we figure out how to use Drupal (and just to answer that question, no I don't have money in our budget for you to program it for us.) My apologies.

4. In case you missed it, here's a great article on The Flavor of Wisconsin in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. We are hosting an event with Ms. Allen on June 11th at 7 PM, with food samples provided by Outpost Natural Foods. More to come.

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