Monday, March 30, 2009

Our First Offsite Event, a Book Club Website Suggestion

Our friend Tessa is one of our most loyal event attendees. At Schwartz, I saw her the same week at Mequon for Stephanie Kallos and at Downer Avenue for Chris Cleave. Last week she saw Hillary Jordan at Brookfield and then was an attendee at Boswell's first event for Linda Olsson at the Milwaukee Public Library. Olsson was in town to read and discuss (and play music connected with) her new novel Sonata for Miriam.

She's also a huge fan of the online book club Dear Reader. The coordinator, Suzanne Beecher, offers chocolate chip cookies to the best idea of the month. Tessa told her she was going to pitch the idea of the club to both us and Lanora at Next Chapter. Tessa, we've officially made a link and folks hankering for instant book club are grateful. You've earned your cookies.

Meanwhile, we had a great time at Centennial Hall with Linda Olsson. About 60 devoted fans (and when I say devoted, I mean it, as the event location changed at the last minute from the Mequon Schwartz) turned out to hear the lovely New Zealander-by-way-of-Sweden (or is it the other way around?) Ms. Olssson talk about Sonata for Miriam, as well as a bit about Astrid and Veronika too.

Here's a picture of Olsson with Paula Kiely of the library, Olsson's escort Mary Gielow, plus Sarah (and also me) from Boswell.

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