Sunday, March 29, 2009

At the Scene of the Paint Job

Did I say we were just painting the ceiling? It turned out to be just as easy to paint everything. Have I mentioned that the color is Cayman Cream? It's an ivory with a touch of green. It looks nice with our gray-green industrial piping. At one point, we had the choice to make it a tone darker, but after polling the booksellers, we decided that the color we originally chose worked best. Bev's husband Shel, a retired architect, reminded us that we should test varied lighting for the best effect. It's what Max Kohl did in his grocery stores!

Our lead painter Katie Rose has had the business for 12 years. On the side, she's also a grad student who soon plans to turn painting part-time while she starts works with disconnected youth full time. Oh, and a note to her professor--she promises to work more on her capstone project as soon as this job is done. Hey, you have to make time for a bookstore, right?

Joining her on the project are Lisa, Annie, and Hulya. They will be painting through Thursday evening, and will continue to do some detail work after we open. I never realized how complicated our ceiling is; next time you're in the store, look up. If you do like their work, let me know and I will give you their contact information.

Now all we have to do is schedule the carpet cleaning for Thursday night and we'll be all set for soft opening on Friday. Did I mention how soft this soft opening is? It's all a blur and I keep forgetting. Will we take credit cards yet? Maybe. How about gift cards? Not likely until the middle of the month. Magazines? At least that long, maybe longer. Any other questions? Post here or call us at the store.

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