Friday, August 26, 2022

A new shipment of Boswell mugs available with new colors

Here's what you need to know about the latest shipment of Boswell mugs.

1. Supply chain issues really are a thing. It took us five months to get this through the system. In normal times, this probably would have taken four-to-six weeks. And we still had to skip two colors that hadn't come back into stock.

2. The blue and orange mugs are pretty much the same color as last time, but we weren't able to get a complete quantity of orange mugs. 26 of the 36 we ordered came in damaged, so we will likely sell out pretty quickly.

3. The new green mugs are more emerald than kelly. Similarly, our previous red mug was more of an imperial red is now closer to maroon. The one completely new color we have is labeled teal by the manufacturer, but the booksellers contend it is more of a seafoam green. It has proven to be a hit with staff.

4. And finally, for this round, we chose not to reorder black and gray. We have a decent amount of gray left and, at least at press time, one black mug. The problem was that the blue, which is more sapphire than royal (who knew that so many colors had connections to wealth and royalty?) read very close to both the black and gray in the lights of the bookstore, and wound up selling slower than the bright colors, so I decided to focus more on the brights. 

5. The best news of all! We were able to hold the price on the new shipment to $11.95. You can order them online here. Thanks to Goodland/Brew City for facilitating this order.

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