Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Silvia Acevedo continues Cupid's misadventures in "God Awful Thief," Wednesday, May 4, 7 pm.

Tonight, on Wednesday, May 4, 7 pm, at Boswell, Silvia Acevedo, writing as S. Acevedo, Talks about the second act in her God Awful series, God Awful Thief.

God Awful Thief brings new hilarity and an ever-expanding cast of fickle gods to Cupid’s misadventures, potential tragedies, and everlasting comedies. Valerie Biel spoke to her about how she got to writing fiction on her blog.

"I’m a journalist turned novelist. I spent 20 years as a television news reporter, anchor, and commentator. I interviewed presidential candidates, reported breaking news for CNN, and laughed through stories of the state fair's latest fried foods. I still occasionally show up on Milwaukee TV as a guest host for a television morning talk show. While I was still reporting, I began writing middle grade fiction in my off time. It was a creative outlet that I found I really enjoyed."

Acevedo runs Three Points Publishing with her husband. This is a little different than contract publishing in that they are more involved with the process. And unlike most contract-published books, these are not POD (print on demand). Here's a blog post where she went through the steps proofing and approving the production process.

Here's Acevedo talking more about the book on Morning Blend.

Join us tonight and celebrate Acevedo's book release.

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