Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Short Post--A Few Photos of Patrick Ness, Hannah and Kathleen Kent, Antoine Laurain

My father loved a good photo op, and I always said that I wasn't going to be that guy, running around with a camera and making everyone pose. That said, there were a lot of  camera-ready moments this week at Boswell and I'd be remiss if I didn't share them. The one I did miss was Paul Harding, who visited for Enon. We had a great time with him, both at the store and at Nicolet High School, where he spoke to several classes. I also learned that the name is pronounced with a long e and an emphasis on the first syllable.

Authors sometimes worry about a dual event with another author, but I think they are generally a win win, as long as you match the authors up well. In this case, Little, Brown asked us to do a joint event with the unrelated Kents. It was the first time that Hannah Kent of Burial Rites had met Kathleen Kent, of The Outcasts, but they realized very quickly that their work had a lot of common. It was not just that they were both writing historical fiction--these heroines were tough! Look at how much fun they are having. We had fun too.

Antoine Laurain charmed fifty folks with his presentation of The President's Hat. It's a rare tour when I have memorized the itinerary, but I had spoken so much to his publicist Meryl that I kind of knew it by heart. Mr. Laurain collects keys, so we gave him one of the old keys to our store. For his part, I received a beautiful pencil case made by his girlfriend. It's a mark of French and American solidarity. That case is pretty cool, but instead I chose a photo of Laurain and myself in front of Stacie's Paris window.

We were lucky enough to have a stock signing with the wonderful Patrick Ness, whose new book, More than This, has been getting amazing reviews. The enthusiasm from booksellers and librarians alike has been likewise over the top. We invited a number of children's librarians to meet Mr. Ness and get their book signed. Included are Jannis and Hannah from Boswell, plus librarians from North Shore, Cudahy, Greenfield, Hales Corners, and Whitefish Bay. Needless to say, one of the attendees is more of a library's aide. His specialty is pulling books off the shelf. 

Do I even need to say this? Signed copies are available of all these titles. Please request your signed copy in the notes field when you order from us online.

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