Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Assorted Historical Paper Products Show Up at Boswell

1. A bookseller was cleaning the magazine area, only to find two old newspapers left on the table. We have no clue what happened. Perhaps this is part of a performance art piece related to the recent changing of the guard regarding newspaper ownership.

Anne told me that that this issue of the Milwaukee Sentinel was quite interesting reading.

2. We know how these old Schwartz bags showed up at the bookstore. Our friend Judith was cleaning and thought we'd want to see them before she tossed 'em. All of these are from my tenure at Schwartz. I was hoping there might be some bags from the sixties and seventies. I should have also asked her if she found any old Boston Store, Chapman's, Gimbels, or Schuster's bags during her cleaning.
We haven't changed our bag design, but we do keep updating the colors. I've just started working with George at Brew City Promotions on our next order of medium paper and large plastic bags. I think the latter will be wood violet.

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