Thursday, May 30, 2013

Instead of Meeting Deadlines, Daniel Frames and Hangs Some Art.

I'm writing this on the day I leave for BEA. A lot of booksellers traveled in on Tuesday, but Amie and I decided it would be better for us to leave on Wednesday. What with David Sedaris on Sunday, I could count on little else, I still had to get my package of materials ready for my meetings with publishing people.

I also had piles of papers on my desk, donations from offsites to be sorted out, blogs and email newsletters to be written, events to be confirmed, books for events to be bought, books to be read, reviews to be written, and so forth. So what did I do? I decided to spend some time hanging artwork I had framed. This time we used East Side Gallery and Framing Shop, and they did a good job.

1. In celebration of the paperback release of Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures (July 2!), I had one the movie posters that were made for the book. You can see the other two on her Tumblr blog. We took a vote as to which one we wanted up permanently in the store and went with "Kissing Cousins", even though Laura is only a bit player in that one. Beautiful, huh?

2. I can't remember exactly what we did for Aaron Boyd that he gave us a thank you illustration, but we got one and it's of Howard Chitters, no less. One day I'll write about Howard at length, but I'm waiting for the okay from Sharon, his co-author.

Aaron framed this one himself, so we simply got protective glass put on it.

3. Keeping with mice, here's a picture of Penny from Kevin Henkes.You may remember her from Penny and Her Marble. We get thank you letters from a lot of authors (honestly, almost all of them, and each one makes me feel like a pig because I didn't send a thank you letter and yes, it's on my "do this someday" list) but holy cow! Just looking at it everyday makes us so happy. I got very creative and used one of the crayon colors for the mat, a lime green that I've obviously been thinking about a lot lately (like our current plastic bags).

I'm looking forward to learning about the books for fall and keeping publishers and other folks updated on the doings of Boswell. At one point I hope to do a post or two about the show, but there's no time for that now!

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