Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Gift Post--Late Again (Which is Why I Bought Some Clocks)

My theme today is things I wanted to order for a long time but for some reason I didn't. Sometimes I break down at a show, like last January, when I finally brought in the Hammerpress cards, and sometimes when I make a rep appointment, and I think, I don't really have energy to put this energy together and we don't have enough product and I'm going to be very careful and not over order.  And all that meant I finally got in the garden tool pens I thought about all last spring.
Everyone likes them and they'll work both on our gardening table and at the front desk. What was odd to me is that the tools consist of a shovel (this will sell out first), a trowel, and what looks like two kinds of rakes. What, no hoe? I wonder if street slang is forcing a trusted garden tool to be renamed, along the lines sea bass (formerly Patagonian toothfish). Clever the way we made yet another plug for Wednesday's event with Amy Stewart.
Everybody seems pretty happy that we brought in the multi-colored click pens of seemingly everyone's childhood. Mine were four or at most six colors. This one is ten!
When I saw these extendable butterfly nets, I realized they would be perfect for our spring activities table.  They are also perfect for catching butterfly cards. I suspect you're probably not supposed to catch butterfly nets unless you let them go. I suspect they will also work on moths, which perhaps might save some sweaters.

Halley and I looked through some catalogs for ideas. She already had a bird clock (top right) and said it runs quiet efficiently. Our last clocks we brought in were $20 and cardboard. These are half the price and a bit sturdier.
My mouse USB connector broke. I don't have any other reason that I brought these in, except that I also like robots. I had actually had these in our to-be-ordered file for a year, but the last time I tried to put an order together, I couldn't make minimum.

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