Saturday, March 23, 2013

Halley and Daniel Talk About Last-Minute Easter Gifts

D: As we are a bookstore first, we should talk about Easter books first.
H: We have plenty of rabbit-friendly titles, this being my favorite.

D: Who doesn't love David Kirk?  And the Oh So Tiny Bunny  (Feiwel and Friends) is very cute.

H. The rabbit's big eyes stare into your soul.

H: I think it is important to note that there are only four styles of Easter card left.

D: And look? There's one for every taste. I should note, however, that we don't start with that many more than four styles. I will say, to the defense of holidays that are not the big four for cardgiving (Mother's and Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's) that we brought in St. Patrick's Day cards for the first time this year and sold out of all three designs.

H: We sold out of my favorite, the one with a lot of grass on it.

D: Marijuana? I don't remember buying that.

H: Silly, the card was for not for potheads.

D: We have a good amount of plush, rabbits and chicks and lambs.

H: And Folkmanis puppets! And bunny and chick finger puppets too. And don't forget the pig puppet.

D: Oh yes, in the tradition of the Easter ham.

H: In this photo, a wind-up bunny is riding a chirping chick.

D: We are almost out of the chicks. One bookseller told me that several customers couldn't figure out how they worked.

H: You're just completing a circuit to make it work.

D: Oh, Miss Physics.

H: Little Baby! Just right for your Easter basket.

D: And you can always give them an Easter kitty. It's a regional thing, I'm told.

 H: Basket stuffers! Can you think of a wittier way to say that?

D: Basket blasters?

H: Basket buddies!

D: This is clearly the big dramatic close.

H: Me being attacked by rabbits.

D: Brought to you by Gund and Melissa and Doug. The end.

H: Happy Easter. Get your rabbit on!

D: And we actually have some Passover books too.

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