Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Link to a New Boswell Profile, a Pedestrian Confronts His Bookstore's Automotive Heritage.

Just recently I noticed that our profile in Wisconsin Academy of Sciences Arts and Letters was posted in the spring issue. As always, I look back on things I said question my own comments. Did I say that? What was I thinking?
On the other hand, for some reason, the editor eliminated all my possessives when I listed other bookstores. I certainly know that the esteemed Chicago chain was Kroch's and Brentano's, and not Kroch and Brentano. If only someone had double-checked with me.

One thing we often mention is that our space started as a car dealership. We are certainly not the other bookstore to have that heritage--I believe the newish space that Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle moved into was also once automotively inclined.

But what I never quite paid attention to was that our building has an beautiful carved frieze (that's what it's called, right?) with an automotive motif. Pretty cool, no?

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john eklund said...

I love that frieze!