Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oy, I'm Tired! Here are Some Tidbits.

We've been very busy today. Starting first thing in the morning, we got locked out of our inventory system because the passwords needed to be changed. Alas, we didn't know how to do this. That got fixed. Thanks, IRT/IBID!

I'm wearing burnt orange all weekend to celebrate our new plastic bag. We got two lovely compliments yesterday, both from folks who said this shade was their favorite color. Quote from Jeff: "I even wore orange in the eighties, when it was definitely not cool."

Lots of love from customers in general, which is very nice.

Our bookends went on sale, at 25% off. They seem very nice to me, but they aren't moving as well as last year's. A few are 50% off.

Our wooden bird ornaments are now 25% off. I went a little crazy on them, buying way more than any other, despite them being our most expensive (originally $6.95, now $5.21)

Our top 5 for the last three days, excluding a school order:
1. Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand
2. Just Kids, by Patti Smith
3. Life, by Keith Richard
4. Tinkers, by Paul Harding
5. Holidays on Ice, by David Sedaris

This list rocks, doesn't it?

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