Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Late Add--John Eastberg, Senior Historian of the Pabst Mansion to Read

It's may be one of our biggest regional books of the season, but we still hadn't gotten copies of The Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion, when author and Pabst historian John Eastberg came by to see Carole E. Barrowman talk about I Am What I am.

"Maybe you'd like to host an event with me for my book."

Maybe we would indeed.

And now we will. It's a talk/signing on Wednesday, December 16th at 7 PM.
The book's forward is by H. Russell Zimmermann, and honestly, the book that comes to mind is Magnificent Milwaukee, that legendary book put out by the art museum that now sells online for hundreds of dollars.

There are chapters on the Pabst family, the building's construction, the family's heyday and parties, the art collection, its second life as the home of the archbishop, and the current restoration.

I'm planning on reading it cover to cover.


We've had so many requests for slides from authors that we're finally getting a projection screen. I don't know what to do about a projector because everyone uses a different format. Isn't there a way to set up you laptop for this? We may have the screen in time for Alia Malek (tonight) but it will certainly be there for Eric Dregni (Friday).

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