Monday, April 24, 2017

Event Alert: Jen Sincero, Donna Seaman, Jo Piazza, Liam, Robin Hoffman, Liam Callanan, Eugenia Cheng, Amy Goldstein. Alas, Kristin Hannah is sold out.

Here's what's happening.

Tuesday, April 25, 7:00 pm at Boswell:
A ticketed event with Jen Sincero, author of You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth

Cosponsored by WWBIC, the Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation.

Jen Sincero is a bestselling author, success coach, and motivational speaker who has spent over a decade traveling the world helping people transform their lives and their bank accounts via her public appearances, private sessions, coaching seminars, and her books, including the bestselling book, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. And now comes the perfect sequel to this bestselling phenomenon, You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth.

You Are a Badass at Making Money is a step-by-step guide to helping people overcome their blocks, push past their fears, and start making the kind of money they’ve never made before. Sincero herself went from living in a converted garage to traveling the world in 5-star luxury in a matter of years, and knows all too well the layers of BS one can get wrapped up in around money, as well as what it takes to dig your way out. She goes in-depth on how powerful our thoughts are and how our bank accounts are mirrors for our beliefs about money. Written in the same style as her bestselling book You Are a Badass, You Are a Badass at Making Money combines entertaining essays with life-changing concepts. Sincero boils all her wisdom down into manageable, bite-sized tips so her readers can put them into practice and get real results.

Tickets are $27 and include admission to the event and a copy of You Are a Badass at Making Money. On the night of the event only, an $19 Boswell gift card is available in lieu of the book. Sincero will personalize your copy of You Are a Badass at Making Money, will sign books brought from home, and will pose for photos. Tickets can be purchased online at Brown Paper Tickets or by phone at 800-838-3006.

Jen Sincero is a bestselling author, success coach and motivational cattle prod who has helped countless people transform their personal and professional lives via her seminars, public appearances, newsletters, products and books.

Alas, our April 26 event with Kristin Hannah for the paperback edition of The Nightingale is sold out. That said, we should have signed copies available after the event. Boswell is also selling books for UWM's event with Chris Albani at the Hefter Center, 3271 N Lake Dr. Details here.

Thursday, April 27, 7 pm, at Boswell:
Donna Seaman, author of Identity Unknown: Rediscovering Seven American Women Artists

Who hasn’t wondered where—aside from Georgia O’Keeffe and Frida Kahlo—all the women artists are? In many art books, they’ve been marginalized with cold efficiency, summarily dismissed in the captions of group photographs with the phrase “identity unknown” while each male is named.

These women fought to be treated the same as male artists, to be judged by their work, not their gender or appearance. In brilliant, compassionate prose, Seaman reveals what drove them, how they worked, and how they were perceived by others in a world where women were subjects—not makers—of art. Featuring stunning examples of the artists’ work, Identity Unknown speaks to women’s neglected place in history and the challenges they face to be taken as seriously as men no matter what their chosen field.

Chicagoan Donna Seaman has degrees in the fine arts and English. An editor at Booklist, she reviews books for the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, among others. She has written bio-critical essays for the Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature and American Writers, and has published in TriQuarterly and Creative Nonfiction. Seaman created, hosted, and produced Open Books, a radio program about outstanding books and writers and the art of reading.

Friday, April 28, 7:00 pm, at Boswell:
Jo Piazza, author of How to Be Married: What I Learned from Real Women on Five Continents about Surviving My First (Really Hard) Year of Marriage.

Marriage is hard. That is what a newly-engaged and slightly terrified Jo Piazza heard over and over again. And as she began planning her wedding, she realized that American marriage traditions focus more on the dress, the guests, and the menu than they do on how the heck anyone can make a real, lasting, joy-filled commitment to their significant other. What comes after the whirlwind romance and fairy-tale wedding?

Readers will follow Jo and her husband Nick through their first year of marriage as they explore the world uncovering the rituals, customs, and traditions of other cultures, unlocking important nuggets of wisdom along the way. Her spirit, curiosity, and humor are unflagging throughout. They hike Kilimanjaro, get sex tips from an Orthodox Jewish scholar, as well as Ayahuasca rituals in Peru, along with many other adventures in a grand experiment to change the way we look at marriage and surviving its first year.

Jo Piazza is an award-winning journalist and the bestselling author of the novel The Knockoff. She is the managing editor of Yahoo Travel and is a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, New York magazine, and Slate. She is also the author of Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money; Love Rehab: A Novel in Twelve Steps; and If Nuns Ruled the World: Ten Sisters on a Mission. And while Piazza isn’t from Milwaukee, she did marry in!

Saturday, April 29, 10:00 am, at Boswell:
Independent Bookstore Day, featuring a special assortment of book-themed items for sale.

Saturday, April 29, 11:00 am, at Boswell:
A special storytime featuring the work of Amy Krouse Rosenthal, beloved writer of picture books for kids and memoirs for adults.

Joining us at this special storytime is Robin Hoffman, the founder of the Children's Book Connection in 1981. She joined Scholastic Book Fairs in 1992 and leads the booktalk and podcast programs, as well as serving on the selection committee, helping educators and families share books with children of all ages.

Saturday, April 29, 7:00 pm, at Boswell:
Eighth Anniversary Celebration with Liam Callanan, contributor to My Bookstore: Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, and Shop, in conversation with Daniel Goldin

This updated edition, published for the first time in paperback, includes all-new essays to celebrate eight additional stores. My Bookstore is the enthusiastic, heartfelt, sometimes humorous tribute by 92 known authors to their favorite independent bookstores.

In My Bookstore our favorite writers-from Elin Hilderbrand, to John Grisham, to Ann Patchett-express their adoration and admiration for their favorite bookstores and booksellers. Boswell’s Daniel Goldin and Liam Callanan will discuss eight years of bookstore collaboration. And Callanan will also preview his April 2018 novel, Paris by the Book, yes, a year in advance.

Liam Callanan is the author of The Cloud Atlas, All Saints, and Listen: Stories. Additionally, he serves in the English department at UWM and was previously the chair as well as coordinator of its Ph.D. program in Creative Writing.

Sunday, April 30, 3:00 pm, at Boswell:
Eugenia Cheng, author of Beyond Infinity: An Expedition to the Outer Limits of Mathematics.

Imagine something small enough to fit in your head but too large to fit in the world-or even the universe. What would you call it? And what would it be? How about...infinity?

In Beyond Infinity, musician, chef, and mathematician Eugenia Cheng answers this question by taking readers on a startling journey from math at its most elemental to its loftiest abstractions. Beginning with the classic thought experiment of Hilbert's hotel-the place where you can (almost) always find a room, if you don't mind being moved from room to room over the course of the night-she explores the wild and woolly world of the infinitely large and the infinitely small. Along the way she considers weighty questions like why some numbers are uncountable or why infinity plus one is not the same as one plus infinity. She finds insight in some unlikely examples: planning a dinner party for 7 billion people using a chessboard, making a chicken-sandwich sandwich, and creating infinite cookies from a finite ball of dough all tell you more about math than you could have imagined.

An irresistible book on the universe's biggest possible topic, Beyond Infinity will beguile and bewitch you, and show all of us how one little symbol can hold the biggest idea of all. About the Author: Eugenia Cheng is the author of How to Bake Pi, in addition to being a Scientist in Residence at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an Honorary Fellow of the University of Sheffield. She has appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and has been featured in The New York Times. 

Monday, May 1, 7:00 pm, at Boswell:
Amy Goldstein, author of Janesville: An American Story

Cosponsored by Community Advocates Public Policy Institute

Pulitzer Prize winner and Washington Post reporter delivers an intimate account of the fallout from the closing of a General Motors assembly plant in Janesville and a larger story of the hollowing of the American middle class.

This is the story of what happens to an industrial town in the American heartland when its factory closes but it's not the familiar tale. Most observers record the immediate shock of vanished jobs, but few stay around long enough to notice what happens next, when a community with a can-do spirit tries to pick itself up.

Amy Goldstein has spent years immersed in Janesville where the nation's oldest operating General Motors plant shut down in the midst of the Great Recession, two days before Christmas of 2008. Now, with intelligence, sympathy, and insight into what connects and divides people in an era of economic upheaval, she makes one of America's biggest political issues human. Her reporting takes the reader deep into the lives of autoworkers, educators, and job re-trainers to show why it's so hard in the twenty-first century to recreate a healthy, prosperous working class.

Amy Goldstein has been a staff writer for thirty years at The Washington Post, where much of her work has focused on social policy. Among her awards, she shared the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. She has been a fellow at Harvard University at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. Janesville: An American Story is her first book.

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