Monday, November 16, 2009

What's Happening this Week? Carole Barrowman and Forrest Gregg

Wednesday, October 18th is the day for our visit from Carole E. Barrowman, Alverno professor and Journal Sentinel mystery columnist. That would be a good event in itself (and maybe someday we'll host that), but for this event, she's going to talk about the second volume of her brother John's memoirs, I Am What I Am, which she cowrote. John Barrowman is well known as Captain Jack from Dr. Who and Torchwood. I'm sure they'll be some good stories.

Thursday, October 19th marks Forrest Gregg's appearance for Winning in the Trenches. This is our fourth attempt at a football event, which have been rollercoasterish in their outcomes. Phil Hanrahan (Life After Favre) and Bob McGinn (Ultimate Super Bowl Book) were nicely attended and had good sales as well. That was certainly helped by local connections. Our event with John Eisenberg (That First Year) was not as successful; I read the book, enjoyed it, and hoped we'd be able to get more of a crowd. I called it a baseball-style book about football. But maybe local readers had their fill with David Marannis's take. Or maybe I didn't reach the target audience and so...

We're doing some spot ads for this one on Sportsradio 1250, a first for us. Spots air today through Wednesday, as a little 10-second bumper. I figure this might be a way for us to reach some folks who don't get our newsletters, read the Journal Sentinel, or well, this blog. The gracious Matt of McLean and Eakin in Petoskey mentioned trying this. Thanks, Matt. This is one of those things, however, that might not work if the author isn't a celebrity. We'll see. Howard of the publisher Clerisy (or late of Clerisy, he's moving on) said he's a very nice guy, but be warned. He only signs copies of Winning in the Trenches. No memorabilia. There are other events for that kind of thing and you generally have to pay for it.

Both events are at 7 PM. If you want a signed copy of Gregg, please call us at (414) 332-1181. We'll hold if you just want his signature, but have a credit card for personalized copies because they are prepay only. There's no extra charge for his signature; it's just the cost of the book.

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